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1948 and 1992 MAHS First/Last Yearbook Combo

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          Our Latest Offering! First and Last MAHS Yearbook! 

  •           1948 and 1992
  •           Pages: 166 


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A big slice of MAHS history! 

The First and Last MAHS yearbooks reprinted in flipbook format! The book reprints, in its entirety, the 1948 Bayern yearbook. The very first Munich American High School yearbook. A great look at the Earliest of Mustangs.

The book also reprints the 1992 Mnemonic, the very LAST yearbook published by MAHS. The book gives a fond farewell to the school and highlights the importance of the place, even to these students who were leaving it.

Don't miss this opportunity to see the beginning and the end of the spot that means so much to all of us.

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