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Munich Memories (2007 Reunion Special)

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          Fun for anyone who attended MAHS - pages from the 40s to the 90s

  •           1948-1991
  •           Pages: 432


The "SUPER" Mnemonic that was made for all the attendees of the 2007 MAHS Reunion in DC. 

This perfect bound MASSIVE book contains over 430 pages from the various MAHS yearbooks from 1948 to 1991 covering from nearly the beginning (the first yearbook was published during MAHS's 2nd year) to nearly the end (we did not have the pages from the 1992 yearbook at the time). 

Despite its intention as a premium for the 2007  reunion attendees, this book has gone on to become our biggest seller due to its "all-years" appeal. 

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